Role of Alqotr Company in achieving the

Vision 2030

Role of Alqotr Company in achieving the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom

Alqotr Co plays a vital role in achieving Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by directing its efforts towards providing innovative and advanced engineering services and solutions. The company’s vision reflects its commitment to achieving the goals of the national vision and enhancing comprehensive development in the Kingdom through:

Enhancing E-Government:

Alqotr Co supports Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 to enhance e-government by providing advanced geospatial information solutions and spatial analysis. It offers expertise and services in Geographic Information Systems to support the development of digital infrastructure and achieve integration between government sectors. The company enhances its expertise in spatial data analysis to provide accurate and innovative strategic insights to support decision-making processes.

Improving Quality and Efficiency:

Alqotr Co improving service quality and business efficiency in the Kingdom by applying spatial analysis and 3D scanning techniques in engineering projects. Thus, the company promotes sustainability and sustainable development across various sectors.

Supporting Infrastructure and Services in the Kingdom:

Alqotr Co is committed to providing technical support and consultancy in infrastructure and services in the Kingdom by offering innovative and advanced engineering solutions. The company contributes to achieving comprehensive and sustainable transformation in these vital sectors.

Developing National Cadres:

Alqotr Co works on developing national cadres through training and development programs that enhance technical and professional skills. In collaboration with government entities and educational institutions, the company contributes to building the capabilities of national cadres and enhancing engineering capabilities in the Kingdom.

Partnership and Cooperation:

Alqotr Co is a strategic partner with the government and private sector in achieving the goals of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. The company seeks to enhance mutual cooperation and exchange of expertise to achieve sustainable development and economic prosperity in the Kingdom.

Alqotr Co is considered a reliable partner and an effective contributor to achieving Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. The company continues to provide innovative and advanced engineering solutions to support sustainable development and enhance progress and prosperity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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