About us

Alqotr Co was established in 2004 as a Saudi company, offering comprehensive solutions in the fields of engineering consultancy, geospatial surveying, and urban planning. We provide services including aerial surveying, land surveying, 3D laser scanning, (BIM), drafting and CAD services, geographic information systems (GIS), underground utility detection, planning and panoramic imaging services, smart city services, and more.


We also provide solutions for the collecting, administration, integration, and dissemination of large amounts of geographical data.

We offer turnkey solutions for municipalities, construction, aeronautics, defense, government, infrastructure, natural resources, oil and gas, mining, transportation, real estate, and utility industries.

We meet and collaborate with competent and experienced individuals to suit our clients’ demands.


Our qualified engineers earned us an excellent reputation in terms of…

·         Ability to deal with skilled and complex projects.

·         Good management.

·         Technical expertise.

·         Quality of services.

·         Capacity to implement large-scale projects.

·         Keep our clients detail confidentiality.

·         Advanced client services.


We’re always interested in providing a Trunkey solution to our clients, no matter what the challenges and care about the safety & security of our client’s data.

Our Vision

We lead the surveying and consulting services sector nationally and emerge as the foremost provider in the Middle East. We are committed to delivering unparalleled quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Through continuous employee development, strategic market expansion, and unwavering ethical standards. we strive to realize our vision of excellence

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best consulting and surveying services according to the highest international standards and specifications. We also strive to contribute effectively to the field of engineering and surveying consultancy in the Kingdom by investing in the latest technologies and providing continuous training for our engineering, technical, and administrative staff to achieve the highest levels of quality and professionalism.

Our Values

Alqotr Co is founded on professionalism, integrity, innovation, sustainability, and client satisfaction. We adhere to industry standards, deliver timely and confidential results, and offer unbiased recommendations. Innovation drives us forward, while sustainability guides our projects. Client satisfaction is paramount, and we prioritize effective communication. Our employees are our most valuable assets, and our philosophy revolves around enhancing the work environment to achieve high performance and integrate our core values into all aspects of our responsibilities.

General Manager's message

Alqotr Company was established in 2004, and since then, we have strengthened our leadership in providing innovative and advanced surveying and consulting solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We take pride in our nearly 20 years of experience, and with the help of our qualified and specialized team, we have built a successful history spanning over two decades, with our services distinguished by technological advancement and continuous innovation.

Our commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and professionalism drives us in every project we undertake. We work diligently to support Vision 2030 of the Kingdom at all stages of our work and future plans, through infrastructure development, service improvement, enhancing education, and developing national talents. We continuously strive to achieve sustainable development and economic prosperity in the Kingdom.

Thank you for your trust in us, and we look forward to working with you and providing innovative and advanced solutions that meet your needs and contribute to the success of your projects.

Best regards, Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Dakkan
General Manager

Our Team

Our team are highly experienced and competent in project management, focusing on credibility, quality, and accountability throughout all project stages. They excel in managing relationships with stakeholders, ensuring seamless coordination and adherence to project schedules. Continuous training is a core aspect of our approach, aimed at enhancing their skills and keeping them updated with the latest developments in their fields. This commitment to ongoing development builds an innovative team capable of efficiently delivering high-quality solutions to our clients’ projects.

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