Urban Planning

Urban Planning

In urban planning, we work on designing suitable spaces for human use to achieve the concept of humanizing cities in Saudi Arabia. This includes streets, city centers, residential neighborhoods, suburbs, open and recreational areas, industrial areas, and more to meet human needs. Urban planning determines the nature of buildings, their design, location, the distances between them, and how they are connected, aiming to improve the overall appearance of the physical environment, make full use of buildings and spaces, and solve problems that people might face in their living and working environments.

We think about how people perceive and use their environment, as people care about the appearance and livability of their communities. Our team of experts and professionals is dedicated to envisioning and designing urban environments that meet the evolving needs of communities, residents, and business owners alike, from design to execution. Our proven track record underscores our commitment to providing urban services and planning solutions that harmonize aesthetics, functionality, and environmental considerations, making us a trusted partner in shaping the cities of tomorrow.

Our urban planning efforts encompass a variety of disciplines and services that cover all aspects of urban planning and development. Regional and strategic planning involves developing long-term strategies to achieve sustainable development for different areas while considering the balance between urban development and the preservation of natural resources. General planning aims to establish regulatory foundations for urban areas, including land distribution and various land uses.

Urban design deals with the detailed engineering and architectural design of urban environments, creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Detailed planning focuses on the finer details of urban planning, including the distribution of buildings, public facilities, and infrastructure, ensuring optimal use of available spaces and achieving environmental and social sustainability.

Environmental and sustainable planning focuses on developing strategies and applications to reduce the environmental impact of urban projects and promote the use of renewable resources. Landscaping is an essential part of our urban planning efforts, involving the design and implementation of green spaces, parks, and recreational facilities that enhance residents’ quality of life and add aesthetic value to urban environments.

Additionally, we emphasize the integration of modern technology in urban planning processes, such as the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and smart city models, to provide innovative and effective solutions. These technologies help analyze data and provide accurate visualizations for urban planning, aiding in informed decision-making and achieving better outcomes.

Successful urban planning puts people at the heart of the planning process. We strive to achieve harmony between the needs and aspirations of residents and the available capabilities and environmental resources. Through our deep understanding of social, economic, and cultural interactions, we aim to create urban environments that enhance local identity and encourage social and economic interaction.

We recognize that cities are not just buildings and streets but places where people live, work, and interact. Therefore, we always aim to create sustainable and human-friendly environments that are livable in the long term and meet the aspirations of current and future generations.

In conclusion, our proven track record in urban planning demonstrates our commitment to quality and excellence. We continually improve and develop our services to ensure the best results for our clients. We take pride in being part of the process of shaping the cities of tomorrow and believe in the importance of our role in achieving a future vision that meets everyone’s needs and contributes to building a sustainable and prosperous future.

Our department includes the following specialties and services:

  • Regional and strategic planning
  • General planning
  • Urban design
  • Detailed planning
  • Environmental and sustainable planning
  • Landscaping

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