Technical Manpower Supply

Technical Manpower Supply

Our Technical Manpower Supply services at Alqotr are designed to cater to the specific requirements of our clients, especially in the fields of GIS, surveying, urban planning, and various engineering applications. We understand the crucial importance of these disciplines in modern projects and developments, which is why we prioritize providing highly skilled professionals with expertise in these areas. Be it GIS analysts, surveyors, urban planners, or engineers, we ensure that our workforce is proficient in utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies to deliver exceptional results. Our focus on GIS, surveying, urban planning, and engineering applications highlights our commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the industry and enabling our clients to achieve their project objectives efficiently and effectively.

Our services:

  • Survey Crews.
  • Qualified Technicians and Engineers (GIS, Surveyors, Urban planners, Geomatics engineer).

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