Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new way of approaching the design and documentation of various types of building projects. It is an intelligent digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

BIM Utilizing 3D laser scanners, drones, and other technologies for precise site surveying and Modeling.

The information obtained from laser scanning is derived from millions of points generated by high technology 3D scanning devices that capture the precise geometry of everything in the facility, creating an accurate digital replication of everything seen with the human eye.

Our cutting-edge high-resolution laser scanning technology delivers high accuracy in capturing as-built conditions, ensuring the projects As-built down to the millimeter accuracy.

BIM LOD – The BIM’s Level of Detail (LOD) – defines how the 3D geometry of the building model can achieve, BIM-LEAD offers five LOD categories from 100 to 500:

LOD 100 – Concept Design

LOD 200 – Schematic Design (BIM 2D)

LOD 300 – Detailed Design (BIM 3D)

LOD 350 – Construction Documentation

LOD 400 – Fabrication & Assembly (BIM 4D and 5D)

LOD 500 – As-Built (BIM 6D and 7D)

Our services:

  • Scan to BIM.
  • Documentation – Historical Buildings.
  • Condition Assessment.
  • Maintenance Program.
  • Pipes modeling for factories, Power & energy stations and petrochemical plants.

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