Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping Solution is capturing high resolution data from street-level for Large-Scale Scanning and Mapping Missions, Delivering Data Confidence, Precision and High Efficiency of all visible assets.

Mobile Mapping technology capturing dense LiDAR data along with 360° high resolution georeferenced images using of sophisticated 360° high resolution optical camera systems in combination with LiDAR data acquisition sensors that can be mounted on vehicle.

Any number of features on the ground can then be captured and extracted from the data and stored in GIS and CAD and published for end users through web portals.

Mobile Mapping outputs:

  • 360º panorama images.
  • Planar images for both sides facing & downward.
  • Georeferenced 3D colorized point clouds.
  • Precision Positioning using GNSS and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

Our services:

  • Road, Railways, Pipelines corridor survey and management
  • Smart city mapping or modelling
  • Optical (pollution or Distortion) Survey
  • Asset management survey

Topographic mapping

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