Assets Management

Assets Management

Alqotr Company provides detailed information on land feasibility to decision-makers, leveraging our extensive expertise in the field. Additionally, we supply vital data to assist you in assessing environmental risks and supporting your decision-making processes. Whether you’re a government funded entity, new to the real estate market, or already possess a large land portfolio, obtaining appropriate support for managing residential and commercial real estate lands can help maximize your investments and provide peace of mind when it comes to these significant financial decisions, whether it involves raising additional funds or not

We assist you in completing land acquisition processes by coordinating with governmental authorities and managing those operations.

We care about ensuring that our surveyed data comply with local regulations, standards, and surveying practices for real state General authority. Compliance ensures the validity and legal acceptance of survey documents for land registration purposes.

we utilize advanced technologies such as GPS, GIS, laser scanning and drone surveys to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of land surveys.

collecting spatial information about land parcels, boundaries, topography, infrastructure, and other relevant features, and gather attribute data related to land parcels, including ownership details, land use classifications, and land values. This information enriches the GIS database and supports various analytical tasks. We develop customized applications and tools tailored to the specific needs of land administration agencies, government departments, and real estate firms, these applications facilitate land parcel management, spatial analysis, decision-making, and public access to land information.


Our services:

  • Land Acquisition / Expropriation.
  • Land Management Solutions.
  • Land Registration, classification & land attribute update.
  • Assets Management Solutions.
  • Land Assets Visual Survey.
  • Governmental Applications and Follow Up.
  • Preliminary Properties Studies and Assessment.
  • Develop & customized applications and tools tailored to the specific needs of land administration agencies, government departments


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