Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geographic Information System (GIS)

At Alqotr Co, we pride ourselves on blending the perfect harmony of art and science to deliver precise and innovative solutions to our clients.

With a wealth of experience in Digital Photogrammetry, Digital Orthophotography, LiDAR Data processing, and Topographic and Planimetric Mapping, we aiming to be at the forefront of technology, ensuring unparalleled service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

our expertise spans various map types including cadastral, topographic, geologic, indoor, utility, change detection, temperature, and thematic maps.

At Alqotr Co, we surpass in geospatial database management, ensuring data integrity through spatial data modelling, integration from diverse sources, and robust backup and recovery plans.

Our geoportals and applications development empowers effective visualization, analysis, and management of spatial data, facilitating sustainable resource planning and monitoring based on client specifications.

With a commitment to excellence, we support our clients throughout the entire process, from acquiring aerial data to delivering final products tailored to their needs.

Whether you require precise 3D models through photogrammetry or innovative geoportals for spatial data management, Alqotr Co is your trusted partner for those solutions.

Our services:

  • Maintaining & Upgrading Geodatabase.
  • Geoportals And Applications Development.
  • Digital Maps & Plans.
  • Spatial Analysis.
  • Raster to vectors services.
  • Create DEM / DSM / DTM.
  • Satellite Image Enhancement.
  • Spatial Feature Extraction.
  • Image Processing.
  • Cadastral, Topographic, Geologic, Indoor, Temperature, Thematic & Utility Maps.

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