Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Alqotr Co provide a true & accurate model of a building in use, replacing design assumptions with real data and physics enabled calculations to result in a calibrated or operational model of the building which updates and responds in real-time.

Digital Twins are complex and key to achieving a decarbonized built environment.

Digital Twins Providing a data-rich, and highly accurate 1:1 digital representation of your building (or multiple buildings). That can serve many useful applications, providing decision support information needed to improve asset performance, influence future building design, and reduce risk.

Encompassing everything from initial concept and design, through to continuous monitoring, fault detection and maintenance planning, and testing of new ideas or “what if” scenarios.

Our professional team is ready to take a challenge, whether that be on a single building, portfolio, campus, city, or other community scale project.

our team offers unparalleled expertise to help you take the first step in creating a bespoke Digital Twin tailored to your specific project requirements.

Ultimately providing you with an invaluable digital asset to support and optimize performance across the entire lifecycle of your buildings.


Our services:

  • Smart Cities Modeling and management.
  • Smart assets Management.
  • Digital Twins Platforms.
  • Projects life cycle.

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