sales representative

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sales representative



Building relationships and constant communication with current and potential customers.
A detailed explanation of all the products and services of the company you work for, and encouraging
customers to purchase them.
Paying attention to customer problems, helping to solve them, and conveying complaints and
suggestions to company management.
Preparing clear work plans (daily/weekly/monthly) and making periodic improvements to them
Collecting feedback from customers and the public about the devices and service provided and
submitting these notes in reports to the relevant departments with the aim of benefiting from these
notes later in improvement and development processes.
Visiting potential and actual customers to present the product and services in logical and attractive ways
that convince them of the benefits and advantages of the goods.
The ability to build relationships with diverse customers, as the field sales representative conducts field
research to get to know the customers of his work area, understand their needs and requirements, and
then increase sales volume and achieve the targeted profitable return.
Communicating with customers to follow up the sales process and evaluate customers’ satisfaction with
the services and products provided to them.
High experience in the field of tracking devices


Communication skills and the ability to build relationships with various clients.
Quick wit and knowledge of the best ways to convince the customer of the product or service provided
by the company.
Withstand the pressures of work
Problem solving skills
negotiation skills

Job Features

Years of experience2 Years and above

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